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Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Monika Böhme-Sauter


Monika Böhme-Sauter and Art Collection Schlichtner - Interview - 25.11.2020

Andreas: “Hello Monika, how did your artistic career begin? Were your parents artists or collectors? Has anyone in the family influenced you?“

Monika: “There is definitely an influence here!...

Fotocredit: Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner


Aklima Iqbal and Art Collection Schlichtner - Interview, 03.10.2020

Andreas: „Hello everybody, I want to introduce ourselves. My name is Andreas Schlichtner from Art Collection Schlichtner and I am an art collector from Vienna. I collect art from Austrian artists and Austrian related art. And I frequently meet artists on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and this time I met Aklima Iqbal. And she is...

Fotocredit: Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner


Aklima Iqbal - "Dear Fish"

When I first saw drawings by the Bangladeshi artist Aklima Iqbal on Instagram, I was blown away and enchanted by her playful way of depicting objects in a painterly manner. I saw how...

Fotocredit: Margareta Klose © Bildrecht


Margareta Klose "selfie competence" text by Aline Lenzhofer

Margareta Klose’s online presentation “selfie competence“ revolves around the issues of self-perception, self-representation, and self-optimization. The artist takes on practices of sincere self-exploration and reflects on the language of advertising and consumerism. In an ensemble of videos of her performances and interventions in semi-public spaces, Margareta Klose challenges us to ponder the following question in a humorous way: What is the self in our digital age of late capitalism?

Fotocredit: Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner


Begi Guggenheim ////////////// "works 2006-2020"

The Art Collection Schlichtner welcomes the sculptor Begi Guggenheim and dedicates the first exhibition to him. We are in the middle of…

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Art Collection Schlichtner online since June 2020

Starting from the beginning of June 2020 the Art Collection Schlichtner has organized online exhibitions and has presentend artworks by Austrian and international artists and from the own art collection. The purpose of this web-site and the exhibition is to make art more accessible...