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Fotocredit: photo courtesy of David Hicks


DAVID HICKS – PROVOCATIONS – online solo exhibition – January 29, 2022

David Hicks is an artist who challenges the viewer with punk aesthetics and disruptive realities. He works with found objects. It is NOT his goal to produce aesthetically beautiful works of art, but ...

Fotocredit: photo courtesy of Sirpa Cowell


SUSAN LISBIN – DRESS UP – online solo exhibition – November 27, 2021

Susan Lisbin is a sculptor and painter from New York. In her work she deals with interpersonal relationships, sexuality and identity. It is ...

Fotocredit: photo courtesy of Sagar Sarkar


SAGAR SARKAR - IMAGINATION - online solo exhibition - October 9, 2021

Sagar Sarkar is an artist from Bangladesh and a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Photography and architecture are among his early interests. He ...

Fotocredit: photo courtesy of Mile Saula and Art Collection Schlichtner


MILE SAULA – IT IS STILL THERE – online solo exhibition – September 04, 2021

Mile Saula (SRB) is a painter whose work expresses dynamic imagry.

In creative processes lasting several months, ...

Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Hadrien de Corneillan and Art Collection Schlichtner


Hadrien de Corneillan // Alan Neider // Begi Guggenheim, VANISHING, an exhibition about #climatecare @ Gegner.Haus, Perspektiven Attersee 2021

Our exhibition, which will take place from 10 July 2021 as part of the Perspektiven Attersee in the Gegner-Haus on-site in Abstdorf/Attersee in Austria is all about art that deals with the topics of CLIMATE PROTECTION, BIODIVERSITY and SUSTAINABILITY.

Our exhibition does not take place in a sterile WHITE CUBE, because (...)

Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Hannah Frankel


GAIL WINBURY - PAINTING - online solo exhibition - June 18, 2021

Gail Winbury is a contemporary American painter. She exhibits in New York and Europe.

Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Art Collection Schlichtner and Klaudia Stöckl © Bildrecht Wien 2021


Klaudia Stöckl - NATURE // SOUL - online solo exhibition - 02.05.2021

On Lines and Nature 

Thoughts on the work of Klaudia Stöckl

Text: Dr.Elisabeth Voggeneder

Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Alan Neider


ALAN NEIDER - PAINTING with THE FABRICS - online solo exhibition - 02/28/2021

Alan Neider is an American artist who began his career in the 1970s with a Robert Rauschenberg Work Grant and has since dealt with the dissolution of the two-dimensional image surface. Alan Neider describes himself as a painter who...

Fotocredit: Photo courtesy of Hadrien de Corneillan


Hadrien de Corneillan - The final countdown - online solo exhibition

Hadrien de Corneillan lives and works in the south of France, between Nimes and Avignon. In his work the painter contrasts socialization and nature, man and the environment, the future and the past. What sounds so...