About Art Collection Schlichtner

Today and in the future

The Art Collection Schlichtner is both an art collection and a place for different artists to come together to present art and exchange ideas between people. In addition to the digital exhibitions, there are excursions, visits and joint art events in public space. You can also find us in art spaces with joint group exhibitions.

All activities are about open perspectives and the tension between personal statements by artists and art as a reception phenomenon as well as socio-cultural and art historical aspects. We are interested in art that emerges from the intersection of autonomous and heteronomous perspectives. New themes and social art practices play a role. Questions about the role of art, the art market and cultural politics remain to be discussed. Keywords here are: art as a commodity and a fetish, art as an instrument. What does art achieve, what is expected of art? Can art fulfill these expectations? How is that measurable? How are artistic achievements compensated? Is art misused and appropriated? Theory of freedom of art, theory of dependence on art! Aesthetics and aesthetics of practice.

past to today

The Art Collection Schlichtner began collecting in 2002, collecting objects and works that artists placed in public spaces. Acquaintances with the artists were the result and much could be preserved. Many of these works were by Christian Eisenberger and they form the cornerstone of the collection. We owe him an interest in art and a degree in art history. Street art and graffiti artists were initially the focus and works by Keramik, Busk, Nychos, El Lasso, Die Made, Smurf, EmilOne, monochrom and C215 were purchased at Galerie Inoperable. Interest later shifted and the collection was expanded to include works by Christian Eisenberger, Jonathan Meese, Begi Guggenheim, Amiko Kamikaze, les tardes goldscheyder, Stinkfish, Thomas Gegner, Margareta Klose, Arianna Ellero, Monika Böhme-Sauter, Martin Dickinger, Aklima Iqbal, Sagar Sarkar, Susan Lisbin, Alan Neider, Martin Grandits, Michael Maier, Gert Resinger, Annette Tesarek, Anna Pelz, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Oksana Zmiyevska, Martin Krammer, Daniel Mazanik, Lia Quirina and Isa Robertini.