About Art Collection Schlichtner

Starting from the beginning of June 2020 the Art Collection Schlichtner has organized online exhibitions and has presented artworks by Austrian and international artists and from the own art collection. The purpose of this web-site and the exhibition is to make art more accessible and aid the viewer in understanding and experiencing said art. There is plenty of art in storage. Yet we believe that art must be visible to stay alive, and thus we have created this site to fill this need. The exhibitions are curated.         

This place is open to exhibitions of various themes and art genres. However, the work is increasingly devoted to art, which takes a stand in relation to various categories of discrimination such as gender, class and race, and to those works by artists who have a critical attitude towards environmental destruction, the western art canon, but also towards the art market in general. But it is also about different ways of looking at things, for example understanding art as a reception phenomenon and enabling a socio-cultural, art-historical and scientific examination of art.

Each exhibition will last 1 to 2 months and will be shifted to the archive in a manner so as to make room for the new ones, all the while ensuring that all exhibitions will remain visible. We integrate social media and we will make use of our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages. Everything happens in consultation with the artist and photo credit providers.

The Art Collection Schlichtner started to collect art in 2002 with objects that were set up in public spaces. Many artworks could be preserved in this manner.  Close acquaintances and friendships with the artists were often the result of this approach. Many of these artworks set in public space were made by Christian Eisenberger and thanks to him we started to being interested in art to the degree I began studying for a degree in art history. The objects from public space were the foundation stone of the collection. Streetart and graffiti artists were the initial focal point. There was first the Vienna-based gallery “Inoperable” where we bought works of Keramik, Busk, Nychos, El Lasso, Die Made, Smurf, Emil One, monochrom and C215. Later the collections was extended by works of Christian Eisenberger, Jonathan Meese, Begi Guggenheim, Amiko Kamikaze, les tardes goldscheyder, Stinkfish, Thomas Gegner, Margareta Klose, Arianna Ellero, Monika Böhme-Sauter, Martin Dickinger, Aklima Iqbal, Sagar Sarkar , Susan Lisbin, Martin Grandits and Michael Maier. 

Art Collection Schlichtner, Vienna, May 2020.