MILE SAULA – IT IS STILL THERE – online solo exhibition – September 04, 2021

Fotocredit: photo courtesy of Mile Saula and Art Collection Schlichtner

Mile Saula (SRB) is a painter whose work expresses dynamic imagry.

In creative processes lasting several months, he collects and depicts thoughts and moods, continuously reflecting on them and transfering them to his evolving pictures. He remains in constant contact with the picture surfaces in order to capture the harmonies, energies and movements that he has been recording over the course of the arts growth over time. There is abstraction, accumulation, constant revision and superimposition.

All the areas of color and the macchie di colore of his oil paintings are pulsating and lively events that are written down on the picture surface, as in Sigmund Freuds Wunderblock, and are overlaid there by ever newer and more up-to-date information, yet, they remain visible as traces and memories, depicting the pictures evolution and development. His pictures remind me of ideas about lucid dreams, metaphysical landscapes and the music of the spheres. Figurative elements appear here and there, but they are incomplete, or appear as intangible shadows. As viewers of his art, we think of lyrical abstraction, we feel colors and layers, curved gradients and forms. We recognize areas of focus and solidity and, behind them, blurred and forgotten parts, which the viewer finds his or her self trying to decode. All the while, spontaneity and lightness reflect the regular flowing naturalness of longer-term processes.

Mile Saula draws from literature, art history and film as well as from contemporary photography. Since 2002, the studied artist has exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon Réalités Nouvelles and has exhibitions in Serbia, Germany, Italy and the USA.

Text by Andreas Schlichtner, edited by Kelly Dale, 23.08.2021