Kunstwerk von Alan Neider

photo courtesy of Alan Neider

Alan Neider // Circle Paintings, Magenta Circle


fabric, clothing, paint on moving blanket

80” Dia/203 cm DM

Continuing the sewing process. I am sewing four horizontal bands of moving blankets at 20”/band. This square is cut into Circles of 80” Dia. Fabrics and clothings is then sewn into the blankets. I am painting two areas of the surface that serve as underpainting. Black and beige lines are painted throughout the surface; these lines are interwinded. The final line is a thicker more important single colored line. It is more structured than the other lines and interwined with them; this line seems to sit on top of everything and is more dominant. This is a visually complex series that compels the viewer to move close to the painting and examine in detail. There are 10 paintings in this series.