Artwork from Hadrien de Corneillan // Alan Neider // Begi Guggenheim

Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner

Hadrien de Corneillan // Vanishing


acrylic on canvas

circa.60 x 80 cm / 23,62 x 31,49 inches

2Vanishing" is an experiment.

Hadrien de Corneillan (F) provides the title for this exhibition with his painting "Vanishing". Here he paints a forest with thermolabile paint. If the ambient temperature rises to more than 30° Celsius/86° F – the forest disappears from the scene. If UV rays hit the image – it is destroyed. The questions that the artist asks the viewer is: what are the complicated and interconnected relationships between each of us and humanity as a whole with nature and the environment. Where do we see ourselves in these scenarios? What do we feel and what actions do we derive from it?

“Will things ever be the same again”? (Quote: EUROPE - The final Countdown, 1986)