Artwork from Hadrien de Corneillan // Alan Neider // Begi Guggenheim

Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner

Hadrien de Corneillan, Alan Neider, Begi Guggenheim // exhibition view


Our exhibition, which will take place from 10 July 2021 as part of the Perspektiven Attersee in the Gegner-Haus on-site in Abstdorf/Attersee in Austria, is all about art that deals with the topics of CLIMATE PROTECTION, BIODIVERSITY and SUSTAINABILITY.

We have decided to make an online version of our on-site exhibition and are responding not only to the demand of many urgently needed steps to keep the climate and our planet healthy, but also to the CLIMATE CARE VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2021, which is currently taking place in Vienna. We want, within the scope of our possibilities, to set a good example for environmental stewardship.

Our exhibition does not take place in a sterile WHITE CUBE, because we think that there is nothing to gloss over and nothing to alienate concerning this topic. Fittingly, we present our works in the attic of the Gegner-Haus, a vacant building that will soon be demolished. The place corresponds to the basic idea of the art festival Perspektiven Attersee, to present art in unused houses. Also a form of sustainability, as we find.