Artwork from Margareta Klose

Margareta Klose © Bildrecht Wien 2020


While spinning to the left, in the direction of their hearts, like dervishes, holding their Smartphones vertically, being framed horizontally on the Zoom-App, masked performers repeated 10 self-competence terms, recorded in the virtual meeting room.

According to the voice, as indexical trace of the body, the automatic Recording did the montage. 

Language acts like a virus, the self-competence terms are appellative, infectious. Due to repetition they lose meaning.

The movie of this performance of a rehearsal, my Master presentation, was recorded as allowed by the recording technique, which is based on a combination of sound & image: the one who speaks via integrated microphone has the power of speech as well as the power of image. 

Only one single selfie at a time is visible in the processed final Recording video. The person speaks via integrated microphone and creates the sound, which generates the selfie that will be seen in the Recording.

Zoom, as integrated agent, freaks the boundaries between selfie and myself; here-and-now, there-and-then; direction and perspective; reflection, production, perception, participation, documentation and fiction. 

The software and recording technique become an integral part. They participate both aesthetically and communicate as machine with the human beings and their selfies.

The artwork becomes a product of determined technical computation as well as a product of my certified artistic freaky subjectivity.

Performer: Nina André, Veronika Atzwanger, Pascale Maxime Ballieul, Vivienne Causemann, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Renate Hausenblas, Margareta Klose, Paulina Krasser, Marlene Lahmer, Aline Lenzhofer, Selina Rottmann Eva-Maria Schitter, Julian Siffert, Egon Stocchi, Zoe Vitzthum, Ramiro Wong presented 2020: