SUPER SPARKS – 07.12.2022 – 15.01.2023. Preview 1 pm, Opening 5pm. Location: OR, Vinzenzgasse 24, 1180 Vienna. @art_collection_schlichtner

Fotocredit: photo courtesy of Anna Pelz

The meaning of images and the way art is received have changed several times over time, depending on the context. Today, images are becoming increasingly important as part of the iconic turn, but there have also been times when images were banned. So why are pictures and artworks so important and what do we like about them? Is it the depicted content, meanings and symbols, the material, color and space, the aesthetics, spiritual, social or economic aspects? Is it the pleasure of receiving it? Is it because the unspeakable can also be communicated with it? Art is a universal language. Or is it simply about the genius of the artists that fascinates?In addition to these fundamental questions, we are particularly interested in works with symbolic power and cult character at Christmas time, works that make the (own) body a magical reference point, that have a spiritual connotation and create a connection to space and time.

22 artists and the Art Collection Schlichtner are looking forward to the new Artspace "OR", to the sparkling eyes of the guests, to the air filled with incense, the enchanting taste of mulled wine and mulled beer and to a beautiful and inspiring exhibition. We anticipate a large audience!

Text: Andreas Schlichtner 07.12.2022, edited by Bernice Sokol Kramer