Gail Winbury

Photo courtesy of Gail Winbury

artist´s name

Gail Winbury

birth date


place of birth

USA, Chicago, Illinois

place of study

1995-2010 Studied with international artist Dorothy Yung
2011-2013 School of Visual Arts, painting classes,  Manhattan, NY
2014      School of Visual Arts, Residency, Manhattan, NY
2015      Master class with Joan Snyder,Truro, Mass
1978      University of Massachusetts, BS
1985      Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Psy.D.

teaching activity

2021 Painters talking Paint – radio interview with artist Gail Winbury
2021 “Toil and Transformation” group artist talk, Hera Gallery, Rhode Island
2021 “Lost and Found” group artist talk, New York Artists Circle, NYC, NY
2020 artist talk from solo exhibition at Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa
2020 Pandemic Art, The Co Co, Summit, NJ
2020 From Psychology to Art", Arco (Architectural School), San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2019 "Transition in Career: from Psychologist to Artist", The CO-Co Connection, Summit, NJ
2018 "The Darker Side of Humor", The Charles Addams Festival,Westfield,NJ
2017 "Painters and Poets Speak: the Creative Process", Gallery 1978, Maplewood, NJ
2016 “Women in Abstract Expressionism and Winbury’s Work”, 73SEE Gallery, Montclair, NJ
2016 “Finding Your Visual Language”, workshop for artists, Arad, Israel and Westfield, NJ
2016 “Finding Your Visual Language”, Jewish Federation, West Orange, NJ
2015 “Sex and Death”, Feminist Art Project, 20x20, Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers’s University
2015 "It's All About Time", City Life Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2015 “ Abstract Painting and Transition ”, Heinz Otto Gallery, Watchung, NJ

curatorial projects

2019-2021 "Reinventing EVE: diversity in Jewish Women's Identity", The Jewish Museum of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
2017 "UNEXPECTED: What is a painting?", Heinz Otto Gallery
2017 “Stolen Identities”, Gallery 1978, Maplewood, NJ
2015 “ It's All About Time”, City Life Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2014 “Members Exhibition”, Contemporary Art Group, Farmstead Art Center, Basking Ridge, NJ

selected memberships

New York Artist Circle (curation committee) 2019-present
Board of Directors, Jewish Museum of NJ, Newark, NJ, 2018-2020
Board of Directors, Contemporary Art Group, 2011-2015 Watchung, NJ
(Chair of judging 2013-2018)
The Feminist Art Project, Rutgers University, 2013-present, NJ
Studio Montclair, 2014-present, Montclair, NJ
Pro Arts, 2013-present, Jersey City, NJ

residencies and fellowships

2021 World of Co-international residency (virtual)
2020 Artist in Residence, The Co-Co, Summit,NJ
2018 Artist Residency, Castle Hill Center for Arts, Truro, Massachusetts
2016 Artist Residency and Exchange, Grant from Jewish Federation to Arad, Israel
2015 Visual Arts Fellowship, Bau Institute, Otranto Italy
2015 master-class with Joan Snyder, Castle Hill, Truro, Massachusetts
2014 Painting Residency, School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, New York

solo-shows selection

A Different Way to Speak-Gail Winbury's art, Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa. (solo)
Gail Winbury solo works Gallery 350Bleecker, Manhattan, NY (solo-postponed due to Pandemic)

Fragile Attachments and the Space for Repair, Alaine Becker and Gail Winbury, Art and Design Gallery, College of Morris, Randolph , NJ, curator Hrvoje Slovnic , Director of Gallery and Professor in Fine Arts

Greg Letson and Gail Winbury, The Bethune Center, Jersey City, NJ, curator Alvin Pettit

IMMERSIONS, Gail Winbury/D.E. Aderhold, Heinrich-HeineHouse, Luneburg,Germany, Curator Cora Althuslmann, curator of the Salt Museum

Gail Winbury: Paintings and Paper, 73 SEE Gallery, Montclair, NJ , curator Mary Scotti, catalog (solo)
Gail Winbury, Solo, Joseph Brodsky Gallery, ETS Headquarters, Princeton, NJ, curator Lynn Tillman (solo)
Large Works, Solo, Atrium Gallery, Morristown, NJ (solo)

Gestures in Art, invitational, TD Ameritrade, Jersey City, NJ, curator Eileen Ferrara
Bau Institute Studio Exhibition, Solo, Otranto, Italy, July
Rondos, The Tenth Muse Gallery, Maplewood, NJ (solo)

Gail Winbury, The Tenth Muse Gallery (solo)

Color and Form, Farmstead Gallery, Basking Ridge, NJ (solo)
Touch of Ginger, Gail Winbury and Francesca Azarra, Westfield, NJ

Gail Winbury and Mark Sanger, River Mill Gallery, Westfield, NJ

Gail Winbury, Jewish Community Center, Summit, NJ (solo)

group shows selection


Monsters and Other Friends, World of Co Residency Virtual Exhibition, Vol. 9, Sofia Bulgaria
"Outlining the Garden" Hammond Art Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, curator Bibiana Huang Matheis, North Salem, NY
Lost and Found, New York Artists Circle, curator Lois Bender, Virtual
One in a Year, The Painting Center, NYC, NY, curators Shazzi Thomas and Kathy Cantwell
Rewriting Herstory, Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ, curator Anne Trauben
Following the Road, The Hammond Museum of Art, NY, curator Bibiana Matthias, virtual

Summer Show, The Carter Burden Gallery, Manhattan, NY, curator Marlena Vaccaro
Consolations, The Carter Burden Gallery, Manhattan, NY curator Marlena Vaccaro
Glimpse, Aferro Gallery, Newark, NJ curator
Animalia, 14c ArtFair, Jersey City, NJ
Reinventing Eve: Identity in Jewish Women Artists, Jewish Museum of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, curator, Gail Winbury (canceled due to pandemic)
USPS Art Project, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY curator Chistina Massey
USPS Art Project, Sunset Art Studios, Dallas Texas
USPS Art Project, ELy Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Ct
USPS Art Project, Art Gym Denver, Co
USPS Art Project, IN Liquid, Philadelphia, Pa
Open Studio Tour, Manufacturers Village, East Orange, NJ

Curators Choice Exhibition, ICEE Gallery, Casa Columbo, Jersey City, NJ curator Peter Delhman
Abstraction from the Perspective of Three Women Artists, Hackensack Performing Art Center, Hackensack, NJ
14C Art Fair, Jersey City, NJ, curator Robinson Holloway, Jersey City, NJ
Out of this World, Aferro Gallery, Newark, NJ , curator Emma Wilson-catalog
Open Studio Tour, Manufacturers Village, East Orange, NJ

Ancien Reign, Village West Gallery, Jersey City, curator Robinson Holliday
REFLECTIONS-4 artist, OTAContemporary, Santa Fe, NM, curator Kiomi Baird
5 Women Artists, Farmstead Art Center Gallery, Basking Ridge, NJ, curator Margeret FanninG
Approaching Vibrancy, Gallery Maple 14, Morristown, NJ, curators Sarah Walko, MFA and Mary Birmingham, MA

Beyond Painting, Theresa Maloney Gallery, College of St Elizabeth, Morristown , NJ, curator Virginia Butera , Ph.D,Professor and Chair of the Art and Music Department
Color as Noun, Verb and Adverb-4 Artists, Fine Arts Gallery, St Peter's University , Jersey City, curator Beatrice Mady, director Fine Arts GallerY
UNEXPECTED: What is a painting, Heinz Otto Gallery, Watchung, NJ, curator Gail Winbury and Paul Pinkman
Abstrakt, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY, curator Robert LangdoN
Ellarslie 34, Ellaraslie Museum, Trenton, NJ, Juror Lora Urbanelli director of the Montclair Museum
Stolen Identities, Gallery 1978, Maplewood, NJ, curator Gail Winbury
Des Arad, Gaelan Art Gallery, West Orange, NJ, curator Lisa Suss
Des Arad, MetroWest JCC, Scotch Plains,NJ

Arte Internazionale, Matera, Italy, curator Professor Pino Nicolette
Curators Choice, Village West Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, curator Katherine. Murdock
Letters, The New Art Group, Otto Heinz Gallery, Watchung, NJ
The EXPHRASIS Project, Montclair Art Museum and Gallery U, Westfield, NJ, curator R. Langdon

Curators’ Choice, Jersey City Museum, NJ, curator Dr. Virginia Butera
Contrasting Abstractions,14 Maple Gallery, Morristown, NJ, curator Virginia Butera, Ph.D.
It's All About Time, City Life Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, curator Gail Winbury
Big small Show, Victory Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ, Catalog, curator James Pusterino
Annual Art Show, Monmouth Museum, Monmouth, NJ
The Art Project Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, curator James Pusterino

Reunion, William James College Gallery, Newton, Massachusetts, curator Alan Beck, Ph.D.
Ellarslie 32, Ellarslie Museum, Trenton, NJ, Tracy Baum, Ph.D. juror, Director of the Princeton University Art Museum
Exhibitors Co-op, Farmstead Art Gallery, Basking Ridge, NJ, curator Barbara Minch

Jazz Stories, Perrio Gallery, South Orange, NJ, curator Micha Hamilton
Members Show, Heinz Otto Gallery, Watchung, NJ, award, Donna Gustafson, Ph.D. Andrew Mellon Scholar, Zimmerli Museum
Westfield invitational, representing River Mill Gallery, Westfield, NJ


2019    Awarded Pro Arts Curators Choice, Jersey City
2016    Awarded Pro Arts Curators Choice,  Village West Gallery, Jersey City , NJ, selected by Todd Doney, MFA
2016    Awarded Travel and Artist Residency/Artist Exchange, Jewish Federation, Arad, Israel
2015    Received Visual Arts Fellowship from the Bau Institute
2015    Awarded Curators Choice, The Jersey City Museum, by Donna Gustafson, Ph.D. Curator of Zimmerli Museum of Art
2014    received painting residency, School of Visual arts, Manhattan, NY
2001   The Curtis Hilliard Memorial Award, NJ Center for Visual Arts, Summit, NJ2

selected press and publication

2021   "35 x 35 Art Project USA, book published by Copelouzos Museum
2020   "Gail Winbury, From Psychology to Artist", Attencion-newspaper of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, by Ed Young
2020   "ARTISTS' COPING: interview with Gail Winbury " Artspiel blog post, by Etty Yaniv

2020   "Artists During the Pandemic Gail Winbury", Vasari21, by Ann Landi
2019   SUSANELEYFINEARTS blog post, " Gail Winbury Studio Visit" quotes from essay by Lily Wei, 2016
2018   ARTSPIELBLOG, "Day by Day an Interview with Gail Winbury", by Etty Yaniv
2018   Arts in America, on-line guide, part of Reflections exhibition, OTAContemporary
2017   "Painters talking painting", on line Blog, 11 paintings shown
2017   Radio, Newspaper and magazine interviews, Luneburg, Germany
2016   Urban Agenda Magazine, focus on paintings of Gail Winbury
2016   Montclair Times, “Gail Winbury’s work and 73SEE Gallery”
2016   catalog, Solo Exhibit of Gail Winbury Paintings, Drawings and Travel Paintings, edited by Mary Scotti, essay by Lily Wei
2016   essay, “Play it Again”, written by Lily Wei, international curator and journalist
2015   catalog, Mostra Internazionale di Pittura, Matera, Italy, Professor Pino Nicolette
2015   catalog "The BIG Small Show", Victory Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ
2015   “Contrasting Abstraction” reviewed in blog “NOTWHATITIS”
2014   Interview on NJ 21TV, Gail Winbury’s paintings in The Art Project Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2014   Catalog, The BIG Small Exhibit, a juried exhibit of the Victory Drawing Rooms.
2014   painting published in book and accompanying cd of Bach’s Six Cello Suites, Stephen Hancock
2014   Painting included in the past president of the American Psychological Association's slides for symposia, university lectures, and publications.
2012   full page article in the Westfield Leader


permanent collection of The Copelzous Family Museum, Athens Greece
permanent collection of Atlantic Health Care Commission
on loan to the office of the Mayor of Westfield, NJ
Private collections in
United States, Germany, Italy and London, United Kingdom



It is my task to put into visual language, that which dare not be uttered aloud.   As we are all amalgams of our past, so my art is parallel.  The materials and processes that I use combine to emphasize the layers that make us human. 

     On a bitterly cold and gray day, in 2014, I returned from Woodstock, New York. Walking into the studio, I was overwhelmed by the bright vibrant colors of my oil paintings. Having no idea why, I suddenly stopped using warm colors,  painting only in blues and blacks.  Two weeks later it was the anniversary of my parents' deaths.  For two years, my art concerned aging, death and the ensuing losses that come with time's passage. In another series, I struggled with the male gaze in art. I loathed DeKooning's depictions of women as aggressive slashes, gorgons and Medusa. Yet I was influenced by his work. Taking back his luscious pinks and salmons and strong gesture, I painted a series about female sexuality from an empathic viewpoint.

      A recent series, " The Other Side" captures childhood moments of fear, helplessness, bliss and anger. I brainstormed a list of memories from childhood. Each oil painting used one memory and translated it through color, gesture, texture and form. Large canvases intimidate by their sheer size recreating a child/parent relationship. Creating a veiled distance, cold wax reveals, distorts and shields history. Brush work mirrors the fragmented way that we recall the past. Gestures were made with brushes, knives and hands suggest movement, activity and spontaneity implying the story occurs now.  The paintings are layered, parts are obscured and appear as faint ghost of color and line. It is as if truth is surely hidden or tucked away.

about the artist´s work

Gail Winbury / I am Nobody, Who are  (Emily Dickenson)

Photo courtesy of Peter Jacobs

Gail Winbury / I am Nobody, Who are you (Emily Dickenson)
76 x 56 cm / 30 x 22 inches
oil, cold wax and pigment stick on Arches paper
Gail Winbury / Fierce Like the Big Boys

Photo courtesy of Hannah Frankle

Gail Winbury / Fierce Like the Big Boys
66 x 51 cm / 26 x 20 inches
oil and graphite on Arches paper
Gail Winbury / I am Falling

Photo courtesy of Peter Jacobs

Gail Winbury / I am Falling
76 x 56 cm / 30 x 22 inches
oil, cold wax and pigment stick on Arches paper