Artwork from Hadrien de Corneillan // Alan Neider // Begi Guggenheim

Photo by Art Collection Schlichtner

Alan Neider // Paint & Tar 8


clothing, paint, jute sacks, tar stain on moving blankets

203 x 165 x 5 cm / 80 x 65 x 2 inches

With the Paint & Tar Paintings, Alan Neider follows on from his work from the 1970s. Back then he made objects out of found objects, wood, glass and metal, which he then cemented with tar. These works were discussed in Art Forum Magazine in 1975.

In this work from 2017 he came back to the material tar and soaked the jute with it.

Together with the recycled fabrics, he deconstructs these materials and creates unique assemblages of a haptic nature with an ecstatic use of color that leads the viewer to a euphoric experience.