Artwork from Alan Neider

photo courtesy of Alan Neider

Alan Neider // Chairs & Blankets 3


moving blankets, fabric, paint, chairs

96 x 72 x 60”/244 x 183 x 152 cm

For this group of five paintings I am concerned with creating space between the wall and the chair assembly, on the floor, that viewers can walk into and around. Fabric continues to play an important role in building these works whether it is painted or left untouched. Paint is applied with large brushes in bands often stretching across the works. Paint is purposely applied differently from the preceding Blanket Paintings. Scale is an important issue in this series. The painted fabrics found on the wall(s) balance the dimensional chair assembly. Large holes cut into the fabrics expose the wall which is an issue I will use in upcoming paintings.

I am fabricating chairs and combining them with found/bought chairs creating the assemblies. Paint, tone and fabric found in the blanket are brought into the chair assembly, helping make the connective association between floor and wall.